Think Before You Post

Although the internet is a fairly new mass medium my generation are what they like to call “digital natives”.  Being a digital native, we walk around with a computer in our hand on daily basis. With the age of apps and smartphones most people’s lives are online, with the use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, it is now easy to share our lives with many people around the world. I use many social media apps myself like those listed above. I am a pretty private person, so I try to keep my social media posts lighthearted. A lot of times, people share too much information on their social media and need to refrain from posting intimate details about their lives. We all have that one freind who uses their facebook like a diary and you don’t want to be mean and delete them, but if you see one more post about who cheated on who, you might go crazy.  The rule I like to go by when posting to social media is if you wouldn’t get on a stage and share your bussiness to hundreds of people then don’t share it on social media. Think before you post.