One Bad Pizza Pie

Social media as of right now is probably one of the most influential media outlets out there. Everything we do is surrounded by social media, whether it’s going to the movies, watching tv, listing to music, or communicating with others. Social media plays a big part in our lives and companies have taken note in this. Many companies have social media accounts and use them daily to promote varies things for themselves.   Recently DiGiorno Pizza tweeted with the hashtag “#WhyIStayed”  their tweet stated “#WhyIStayed you had pizza” this doesn’t seem controversial by its self, but the hashtag was referring to Janay Palmer Rice’s decision to stay with her partner Ray Rice after domestic violence.  The tweet was soon deleted and an apology was given. The company didn’t know what the hashtag was about before tweeting. This is another example of “think before you post”.  Social media has helped companies public relations interact more closely with their consumers. They can tweet, make videos and share facebook statuses like one of your friends.  I do think that PR has to stay at the top of their game in order to avoid miss steps such as the DiGiorno tweet.


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