Are DVRs making TV networks lose money?

Television is a major mass media in our world today. Many people used to gather around the tv together at a certain time to watch their favorite show. But nowadays with modern technology, we can watch a show at our earliest convenience. Long gone are the days of waiting for your show to come on and sitting through commercials. I personally have a DVR and use it on a regular basis to set timers to record shows and skip through the ads while I’m watching. With DVR’s we can now record, fast forward and rewind through advertisements and shows. To most of us, this technology is the best thing that could have happened to tv viewers everywhere. No more commercials woo hoo! But to the cable companies and advertisers, this could be a nightmare for their profits. To help combat the loss of money through commercials they can put more ads in the show by using product placement. Other networks have put their shows online and charge a small fee to watch through their website. I think DVR’s are great for the viewers, but not so great for the companies trying to make money off commercials.


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