Are Movies Worth It?

Movies have been a form of entertainment for years dating all the way back to the 1880’s. So why have they lasted this long as a primary form of entertainment? Personally, I enjoy going to the movies because it’s a fun thing to do with family and friends.  Movies are a way to step out of your everyday life and experience something new. They also create a bonding experience with whoever you’re with at the time.  I remember being a young girl and for my 13th birthday party, a  group of my friends and I went to Memphis, to see the “Hannah Montana Live Concert Movie”. We could never get concert tickets for her show so this movie was the next best thing. We danced and sang just as if we were at a concert.  It was one of the best birthday parties I had and I will never forget it.  As far as paying for a movie, I feel like the prices haven’t gotten too out of hand and if it is a movie you have been looking forward to seeing, it is worth the ticket price.


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