Newspapers Our Heritage

Newspapers are still a relevant source of news in today’s culture. I feel like without newspapers some of us would be lost and there would be many people out of a job.  Although with the digital age, we live in, newspapers are almost becoming a thing of the past.  Some newspapers have switched to online only because of the lack of subscribers and circulation. Newspapers are the roots of Mass Media and without them, we would be lost.  When my mother was in her mid-20s she worked at a small town newspaper and I remember her telling me stories about how they would have to get the paper done on time and being in such a small town they would have to drum up articles to put in the paper. I personally feel that newspapers bring an aesthetic that online use can’t. If we lose newspapers we lose our history in mass media. At the rate we are going now, sadly most newspapers will go to online only “print” and we will eventually stop printing real paper newspapers.  I am an advocate to keep printing and to not go to online only.  Newspapers are like our heritage, I can remember being a small child watching my papaw read the paper in his room. I don’t have many memories of him but what I can remember is he was always reading. I guess you could say newspapers are close to my heart because they remind me of my family. There’s nothing better than getting ink on your hands and smelling a real paper when you read it, you can’t get that kind of experience from a computer.


2 thoughts on “Newspapers Our Heritage

  1. As a former newspaper employee, this chapter bubble definitely hits home for me. Small town newspapers, specifically, bring together the community in a way like no other medium. The decline of subscribers is definitely impacting newspapers around the country. Many of these smaller newspapers are family owned and operated, so facing closure due to internet “news” effects the livelihood of many families.


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