There are so many different ways people communicate with each other. Such as, a one on one conversation, a daily text message from someone you love, a look from a friend that tells you what’s going on without asking, are all forms of interpersonal communication. On a daily basis, I will talk to more people one-on-one rather than in a group. For example, when I wake up in the mornings around 7:30 am,  I will look at my phone to see a message from my fiance saying good morning, then I’ll roll over and see my short brown dog trying to jump on the bed to get me up. Later, I will come into the kitchen where my mother is drinking her morning coffee and sit down to talk to her as we get our day started.  I have already experienced three different kinds of interpersonal communication before 10:00 am.

Personally, I enjoy having face-to-face conversations with people, because I feel that it  is the best way to get to know someone. When having a conversation in person you can read body language, hear the tone change in their voice if something makes them uncomfortable, and hear each other laugh when telling a joke. Yes, there are more risks for awkward moments of silence or not being able to stop the conversation and move on with your day; like you can in a text message conversation. I feel this is a good thing.  Sometimes technology makes its harder for people to communicate. Although technology has enhanced the level of communication across the world, I feel that it can hinder getting to know someone on a deeper level.  Getting to know your neighbor was commonplace a few years ago.  Today we are too busy to stop and take the time necessary to connect.  My Aunt Annie, who is 89 years old, always says it is “good manners” to speak to someone when they enter the room.  She will apologize if she doesn’t see you entering and immediately start a conversation.  During her time people were taught to interact with each other, today when someone enters a room often times we avoid eye contact and stare at our phones. With all the different ways we have to talk to one another, there is nothing better than to sit down and have a conversation.

My Great Aunt Annie



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